Long-term parking at Nantes-Atlantique airport

Preparing your journey well is essential. In the city centre, public transport is often the best way to get to Nantes airport. However, if you live in a suburban area or one that is less well connected, you will often need to use your own car to get to Nantes airport.

If you're familiar with this route, you'll know how difficult it can be to find long-term parking that combines proximity, security and attractive rates. Of course, taxis are an option, but they can quickly become very expensive, particularly during periods of high demand.

At Nantes airport, we offer a range of parking options that combine safety and economy, and are specially designed for long stays. Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, the long-term car parks at Nantes airport guarantee a worry-free departure.

In addition to the official car parks at Nantes airport, there are several low-cost private car parks nearby. Each offers specific advantages to enhance your experience. Take Blue Valet, for example! Experts in valet parking, we look after your vehicle, whether for a weekend or a longer stay. Leave your vehicle in our care and take off with a clear head!

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Discover the benefits of long-term parking at Nantes airport

Are you planning to travel from Nantes? The airport has a long-term parking offer tailored to the needs of travellers, whether you're going on a business trip or on holiday. This solution offers a perfect balance between cost and convenience.

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How do I choose between long-term and short-term parking at Nantes airport?

Navigating your way through the parking options at Nantes airport may require some clarification. If you are planning an extended stay, long-term parking is the recommended solution, offering both an attractive cost and security for your vehicle.

Short-term parking, on the other hand, is ideal for shorter journeys, offering quick access to terminals. For those choosing the long-term option, shuttle buses are available to make the journey to the terminals easier. And if you're looking for an extra touch of comfort, valet parking is also available. Whatever you decide, Nantes airport makes your experience easier!

Reasons to choose Blue Valet long-term parking in Nantes

Nantes airport is not the only one to offer you secure parking solutions! Around the airport, many private car parks are committed to offering reliable alternatives, combining security and proximity, to fully satisfy your parking needs.

Blue Valet is the solution! With our affordable rates and comprehensive parking service, we're the ideal choice for busy travellers. Our team of valets will take care of your vehicle while you're away! 

Make Blue Valet your first choice for long-term travel! 

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Protecting your vehicle throughout your journeys

We understand your concerns when you travel for long periods. That's why, when you choose Blue Valet for long-term parking, we're committed to providing you with secure parking. Our location is carefully chosen, our team is dedicated, and we put your peace of mind at the top of our priorities, allowing you to travel with confidence.

Restricted access : Access to our car parks is strictly reserved for our Blue Valet team, guaranteeing total protection against any intrusion.

Full protection : Thanks to our partnership with GAN insurance, your vehicle is fully covered in the event of damage.

Continuous surveillance : Our car parks are constantly monitored by security cameras 24/7, guaranteeing uninterrupted protection.

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Opt for long-term parking at Nantes airport

Take advantage of the best valet parking offer on the market. Blue Valet offers affordable rates and a service tailored to your every need. Our motto: friendliness and helpfulness! Why complicate your life by parking your car at the other end of Nantes airport? No more long walks between the airport's long-term car park and the entrance to the terminal. Your valet will collect your vehicle directly from the terminal entrance, just a few metres away. 

By choosing us, you can be sure of a secure parking space in our private car park. Our car parks are located close to Nantes Atlantique airport. We'll keep you informed in real time when your car is parked.

Reconcile economy and comfort during your journeys

Choosing Blue Valet for your car park at Nantes airport means a significant reduction in your parking costs. Our advantageous rates for extended periods offer an economical alternative to the usual costs of official airport car parks.


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A platform to make your car park reservations easier

We offer you an easy-to-use booking platform to guide you step by step through the process of booking your valet parking at Nantes Atlantique airport!

1) Book: your online valet parking has never been easier! Take advantage of an intuitive website and application (iOS & Android). Last-minute departure? You can book your valet up to 4 hours before your reservation!

2) Entrust us: your vehicle with your eyes closed! Your dedicated valet will be there to offer you an unrivalled service, promising speed and efficiency. He or she will park your vehicle in one of our private car parks in Nantes.

3) Pick up : Your car will be returned to the same place you left it, and your valet will have real-time access to information about your flight from Nantes Atlantique. Punctuality guaranteed!

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