Find out the car park prices at Nantes airport!

Nantes-Atlantique airport is located in the commune of Bouguenais, south-west of Nantes. It is the second-largest airport in the Western region, after Bordeaux, and ranks ninth in France in terms of traffic. 

Whether you're looking for parking for a short stopover or an extended stay, our price guide will give you a clear and detailed overview to make your choice easier and optimise your budget. Make sure you take advantage of the best deals and most convenient locations to make your journey even more stress-free.

The different car park prices at Nantes airport?

You've got your tickets and suitcases ready? but one question remains: where can you park your car at Nantes airport?

If you're staying for a short time, local car parks are an excellent option. They are ideally located, not far from the terminals. They're the perfect solution for those who prefer to travel quickly. Don't forget: booking in advance increases the likelihood of finding competitive prices at Nantes airport.

For those leaving for longer periods, opt for long-term car parks. Their low prices make them the ideal choice. Although they are a little further from the terminals, free shuttle buses make it easier to get around.

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What car parks are available at Nantes airport?

Looking for a hassle-free parking solution at Nantes Atlantique airport? Find out about all the car parks available at Nantes airport. There are several parking options at Nantes airport, including surface car parks, covered car parks and long-term car parks. Each of these options offers a different level of convenience, security and pricing.

Car park P1 is the closest to the airport, but also one of the most expensive. Located just 2 minutes' walk from the departure terminal, car park P5 is more affordable than P1, saving you an average of €10 on parking in exchange for a few extra minutes' walk.

P7 ECO is cheaper because it is further away, a 10-minute walk from the airport. Shuttle buses are available to take you to the terminal.

If your vehicle is large and you're going away for a long time, P9 ECO is the best choice. Unlike other car parks, it has no height limit. Like the other ECO car parks, it is an outdoor car park.

What are the car park prices at Nantes airport?

Short-term parking (3 days)*

PARKING P1 106 €

Long-term parking (7 days)*

PARKING P1 153 €

* Tarifs TTC données à titre indicatif, d’après le site de l’aéroport de Nantes

What are the prices for Blue Valet valet parking at Nantes airport?

Finding a parking space for your vehicle at the airport can be a challenge, especially for longer stays. Fortunately, there are alternatives to car parks around Nantes airport, offering competitive rates.

Looking for tips on how to reduce your parking costs at Nantes airport?

Opt for Blue Valet! Our valet parking service is a great option for Nantes airport travellers. Our valets pick up your car at the drop-off point, eliminating the need to search for a parking space.

As with your plane tickets, our prices may vary depending on a number of factors such as availability, the season or how far in advance you book. To get the best Nantes airport price, don't hesitate to plan your parking space in advance.

What are the Blue Valet short-term parking rates?

At Blue Valet, we offer budgets adapted to the period of storage required. If you're thinking of using our short-term parking service, you're probably wondering how much it might cost. 

For 3 days' parking, you can expect to pay an average of €60. This is a particularly attractive rate, especially as it includes our valet service. What's more, we offer a number of special offers throughout the year.

3 days trip
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Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.
5 days trip
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Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.

Long-term parking at Nantes airport

At Blue Valet, we understand the importance of affordable and transparent rates for long-term parking.

At Nantes airport, we have introduced degressive pricing to offer our customers attractive benefits for longer bookings. To give you a concrete example, for a week's parking (7 days) at Nantes airport, the daily rate for Blue Valet parking is around €11 per day. However, if you plan to park for 15 days, the daily rate drops to €10. 

At Blue Valet, we're proud to offer you flexible pricing that adapts to the length of your parking period, guaranteeing you a valet parking service at a competitive price.

Take advantage of special rates on our additional services

At Blue Valet, we want to offer you the best possible experience, so take advantage of our various optional services, including topping up your windscreen washer. Come and discover our additional services when you make your reservation. 

Filling up the ice-washer

Because your safety is our priority, we offer you the option of choosing a top-up for your windscreen washer fluid level. So you can get back on the road with peace of mind. Count on €9 to top up your windscreen washer fluid level - that's the price you pay to ensure your safety when you return from your trip!

How do I book our Blue Valet parking service?

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On our booking page, enter your dates to see the availability and slots of our Blue Valet service. In addition to parking, opt for extra services such as topping up the windscreen washer. Make your payment online and receive instant confirmation and all the information you need for your pick-up. On the day, go to the pick-up point and let our team take care of your vehicle.

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