General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


We attach particular importance to the protection of your personal data in order to comply with the privacy policy defined by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDR), therefore, your personal data is stored securely and used with care.

The information on this page is intended to:

- Give you a clear idea about the personal data and information we collect

- Inform you about how we use this data

- Inform you of your rights regarding the management, access and rectification of this data, as well as its storage and deletion.

The use and/or access to implies the acceptance of our privacy policy as soon as you continue browsing on our website.

The data controller is:

Blue Valet, HBRI SAS
55 rue Jean Briaud
33 700 Mérignac



In order to benefit from the Blue Valet valet service, you are required to provide us with information, some of which may identify you, namely your personal data.

This is particularly the case when requested to fill out forms (such as when creating your customer account), when you participate in one of our competitions, when you take part in surveys, when you provide us with customer feedback or when you contact us, whether by phone, e-mail, chat or any other means of communication. Therefore, information such as your surname, first name, address, make and colour of your vehicle, dates and times of your flights or train journeys, information on operations carried out on our platform, information on your visits to our website or our application, are all data that we store carefully and securely in order to comply with various CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) regulations or accounting and financial regulations.


Whenever you browse our website or mobile application, we may automatically collect information in accordance with applicable legislation and with your consent.

This includes information relating to the media on which you use our services or the networks from which you access our services: IP addresses, connection data, browser types and versions. We may also collect information on your browsing progress while using our website or application: URLs of the pages you have visited, the content you access or browse, the search terms used, download errors, the length of time you have spent viewing our pages, shopping carts, purchases made or your device's advertising ID.

As part of the technology we use to collect this data, we use, among other things, cookies (for more information please refer to our cookie policy).


The data we collect, process and store allows us to identify you, offer you our services and make them available to you. We only collect data that allows us to carry out the service which you have requested from us. Under no circumstances do we sell your personal data to third parties.

In addition, we request guarantees from service providers acting as data providers by asking them to comply with the rules set out in the GDPR.


The following is an exhaustive list of the purposes for which we collect your personal data and how it is used.

Provision of services: Create and update your customer account to verify your identity, perform services and receive payments.

Customer correspondence: Send you updates and information about the use of our services (newsletter, e-mail, text messages), inform you about new offers and changes to our service or booking terms and conditions.

Correspondence from Blue Valet: Blue Valet may use the information collected to inform you about our products, services, promotions, studies, surveys, news, updates and events. Blue Valet may also use this information to promote and manage competitions and prize draws, award associated prizes and distribute advertisements and targeted content to users about our services and those of our business partners.

Marketing messages: We send you, in accordance with applicable legal provisions and with your consent when required by law, advertising and/or promotional messages or advice and suggestions concerning additional services/options and new features that may be of interest to you. The collection of your data allows us to tailor our messages to each user profile and to analyse the quality and effectiveness of our advertising messages.

Customer service and support: As part of a service we are open to discussion should you require any information, have any questions about your order, or wish to express any potential dissatisfactions.

Legal proceedings and legal requirements: We may use the information we collect to investigate or respond to complaints and/or disputes about your use of the Blue Valet services, or to respond to requests from regulatory bodies or government entities, or in the context of administrative investigations.

Research and development: Analyse, detect and improve the quality and security of our service, develop new functionalities, offer you more possibilities and expand our range of services.

Correspondence to ensure the successful delivery of our services: Blue Valet uses the information collected to enable communication between employees. For example, it allows Blue Valet to call a customer or send them a text message concerning his/her order to confirm the drop-off or pick-up point, or in case of a carrier’s late arrival or a customer’s flight/train journey being delayed.


Blue Valet retains user profile information and other information for as long as your customer account remains in use.

Blue Valet does not store personal data for longer than is necessary in order to achieve the the purposes for which they were collected.

To determine the appropriate storage period, we shall consider the quantity, nature and sensitivity of your personal data, the purposes for which we process them and the possibility of achieving these purposes by other means.

Blue Valet deletes or anonymises this information in accordance with applicable laws. We remind you that the collection of your personal data is used exclusively for the successful delivery of Blue Valet services and therefore to optimise the customer’s experience.


From your customer account, you can access the majority of the collected data required for the proper provision of our services: name, first name, e-mail address, postal address, company, vehicle information, order history and details.

As explained above (III.), in addition to allowing the proper execution of the service, this data allows us to generate invoices, send you correspondence, provide you with assistance and improve the services we that offer you. This data can be viewed and most of it can be modified directly in the customer area on our website.

Blue Valet provides you with ways to control what information we collect. Thus, you can choose to unsubscribe at any time from our various newsletters or promotional marketing messages by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of each message.

You only need to unsubscribe once to stop receiving all of our correspondence. You can re-subscribe by clicking again on an old link (still located at the bottom of our newsletters) and changing your preferences.

You may also ask Blue Valet at any time to provide you with a copy of your personal and browsing data, to explain their meaning, to correct them or to delete them.

To exercise any of these rights, you can:

Write directly to of send us a request via our contact form at, selecting the subject "I have a question about my personal data".


We reserve the right to modify our data protection policy in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

We will inform you of any significant changes, such as any changes concerning the current purposes of data processing or the possible addition of new purposes.


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