Long-term parking at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport

Planning a trip can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding a reliable parking solution for your vehicle. We've all been there before! But the good news is that Bordeaux airport has exactly what you need! Bordeaux airport offers a range of parking options, including long-term parking. Designed especially for you, it guarantees peace of mind and security during your journey. So, are you ready to travel with peace of mind?

Whether you're off on a long business trip or a family holiday on the other side of the world, long-term parking at Bordeaux airport offers you a secure parking solution for the duration of your absence. No more worries about the safety of your vehicle!

In addition to the car parks offered by Bordeaux airport, you'll find a variety of private car parks nearby, each offering extra services for your convenience. One of them is Blue Valet! As the leader in valet parking, we make parking easy, whether you're away for a few days or several weeks. Put your trust in us and travel with peace of mind.

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The benefits of long-term parking at Bordeaux airport

Who is the Bordeaux airport long-term parking service designed for ?

The long-term parking service at Bordeaux airport is designed to meet the varied needs of travellers. Whether it's a business trip lasting several weeks or an extended visit to relatives abroad, this is the most economical option.


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What is the difference between long-term and short-term parking at Bordeaux airport ?

The main difference between long-term parking at Bordeaux airport and short-term parking lies in their use and pricing. Long-term parking is specially designed to accommodate vehicles over a long period. 

Long-term parking at Bordeaux airport is less expensive on a day-to-day basis than short-term parking, which is more suited to parking for a few days. Short-term car parks are located as close as possible to the terminals for quick access, while long-term car parks at Bordeaux airport are a little further away, requiring the use of a shuttle bus to get to your terminal if you don't use a valet service. The choice between these two types of car park depends on the length of your trip and your budget.

Why choose our Blue Valet long-term parking service in Mérignac?

Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is not the only airport to offer secure parking solutions ! Around the airport, a host of private car parks offer reliable alternatives, combining security and proximity, to best meet your parking needs. 

Have you heard of Blue Valet ? More than just a traditional car park, whether you're travelling for a short or long period, Blue Valet provides a valet service to make your arrival at Mérignac airport as easy as possible !

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Security and peace of mind while you're away

We understand how difficult it can be to leave with peace of mind on a long trip! That's why, during your long-term trips from Bordeaux airport, we do everything we can to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

24/7 surveillance : our long-term car parks are continuously monitored, day and night. We use security cameras to keep a constant eye on your car.

Dedicated parking zones : Your vehicle is parked in areas specially designed for Blue Valet customers, offering both security and peace of mind.

Barriers and access control : Access to our parking areas is strictly controlled by barriers and security devices, ensuring that only authorised Blue Valet employees have access.

Insurance : In addition to all these preventive measures, we have comprehensive insurance to cover your vehicle in the event of an unforeseen incident.

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Long-term valet parking

Opting for a long-term valet parking service means choosing simplicity, security and comfort. The advantages are numerous. No more wasting long minutes looking for a free space in the Bordeaux airport car park. With valet parking, you can leave your vehicle in front of your departure terminal and pick it up in the same place on your return. 

It couldn't be more convenient! What's more, you'll save a lot of money by avoiding additional services such as taxis or other means of transport to the airport. Choosing a long-term valet parking service means less hassle. No need to carry your luggage over long distances, your valet takes care of everything !

At Blue Valet, we go even further for your long-term stays ! We offer you tailor-made services, such as washing your vehicle or checking its levels, all at very affordable prices! Trust Blue Valet for your long-term valet parking !

Economy and comfort

When you choose Blue Valet for your long-term parking at Bordeaux airport, you're guaranteed to save money. Compared with traditional airport car parks, we offer you competitive rates especially for longer parking periods. 

As well as offering you a secure parking space at a great rate, we also offer you additional services. Who hasn't dreamt of finding their car all clean after a long journey? With Blue Valet, you can take advantage of a full car wash and recharging service for your electric vehicle. Find out about all our services when you make your reservation!


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How does the Blue Valet long-term parking service work?

1) Book your valet : Use our app (available on iOS & Android) or go directly to our website. Unexpected departure? No problem! You can book your valet up to 4 hours before your departure for your long-term car park.

2) Entrust your vehicle to us : Our professional valets will be waiting for you directly at your boarding terminal at Bordeaux airport. Leave your vehicle in complete confidence and continue your journey with complete peace of mind.

3) Collect your car : When you return, find your vehicle exactly where you left it, at the Bordeaux airport drop-off point. Thanks to real-time updates of your flight times, our valets are always on time, eliminating any potential stress when returning your vehicle after your long stay.

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