Parking solutions at Bordeaux Airport

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Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport ranks eighth in the list of the busiest airports in France, welcoming an impressive flow of 7.7 million passengers each year in its terminals. When the time comes to go to the airport, the main dilemma lies in choosing a parking spot at the airport. 

While public transportation may seem like an economical option, its convenience often leaves much to be desired. Journeys can be uncomfortable, especially when traveling with bulky luggage. That's why the most convenient way is still to drive to the airport and find nearby parking. What are the parking solutions at Bordeaux Airport?


Official Airport Parking

For a hassle-free travel experience, the most direct option is to choose one of the many parking facilities offered by Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport. The cost varies depending on the proximity of each parking area to the terminals of Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport. Discover all the parking options available at Bordeaux Airport.

The P Express

Have you ever had to rush to the airport, looking for a place to park while dropping someone off? Say goodbye to stress with the express parking at Mérignac Airport! It's the perfect solution for those moments when every minute counts. Fast, convenient, and economical! Trust the drop-off area at Bordeaux Airport.

The 0 Comfort

If comfort is your number one priority, then the P0 parking at Bordeaux Airport is perfect for you. Imagine being just one minute away from the airport, ready to embark with complete peace of mind. This is the closest option, bringing you as close as possible to your terminal and offering a semi-covered parking area to protect you from any weather conditions. Of course, this comfort comes at a price, but every euro invested in the P0 parking at Bordeaux Airport is an euro spent for your well-being. You deserve it, don't you?

The P1 Proxi

The P1 Parking at Bordeaux Airport is here to meet your short-term travel needs. Want more reasons to choose this strategic parking? Here's what you gain: immediate proximity - you won't find a solution closer to the airport. No hassle, no stress. Just a quick walk, and you're inside the airport premises.

The P2 Flexi

Planning a short trip for a weekend or a brief week? The P2 Parking at Bordeaux Airport is here to offer you a reasonably priced parking solution. Located just 3 minutes away from the airport, it's the perfect place to park your car at Bordeaux Airport with peace of mind. If you want to transform your weekend without compromising on comfort, P2 Parking at Bordeaux Airport is the ideal parking option.

The P4 long-term parking

Are you planning an extended getaway and looking for an affordable parking solution without compromising on quality? The P4 parking lot at Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is your solution. With its discounted rates designed for long stays, it's a smart choice for your wallet. Although the P4 parking lot is the furthest from the terminals, don't forget about the free shuttle service provided. This shuttle is fast and efficient, guaranteeing a 10-minute connection between your vehicle and the airport.

The closest parking lots at Bordeaux Airport

When traveling from Bordeaux Airport, choosing a parking lot close to your departure terminal is essential to ensure the safety of your vehicle. You have several options: covered or uncovered parking. Make the best choice for your airport parking. What are the closest parking lots at Bordeaux Airport? The P0 parking lot, located right in front of the terminals, is a semi-covered parking area that offers partial protection against the weather. If you are looking for covered parking, why not choose the valet parking service provided by Blue Valet? Opting for covered parking ensures optimal protection for your vehicle against the elements. Your car is taken care of upon your arrival, securely parked, and returned to you hassle-free upon your return. Combine the tranquility of a covered space with the efficiency of Blue Valet for a worry-free journey.

The farthest parking lots: covered or not?

When choosing an airport parking lot, the distance from the terminal is a key factor to consider. Opting for a farther parking lot can often mean saving a few euros. Generally, these parking lots are not covered, but they offer more attractive rates. 

To compensate for their distance, most of these parking lots offer a shuttle service. These are buses that regularly circulate between the parking lot and the airport terminal. This allows you to reach your terminal without having to walk long minutes with your luggage. These shuttles are often included in the parking price, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transfer. 

If you are looking for an economical parking option and don't mind taking a shuttle or walking a bit, the farthest parking lots are the preferred option!

covered parking

Our private Blue Valet parking at Bordeaux-Mérignac

Just a stone's throw away from Bordeaux Mérignac airport, our Blue Valet parking offers you security and peace of mind. Upon your arrival, a valet takes care of your vehicle, parks it safely, and returns it to you upon your return, without you having to worry about it. We keep an eye on your car 24/7, and if you wish, we can even clean it for you while you're away.


Book your parking spot in advance

With Blue Valet, by booking your parking spot in advance, you ensure a smooth and peaceful parking experience. As soon as you arrive at the airport, a professional valet from Blue Valet greets you, takes care of your vehicle, and parks it in our private and secure parking. 

This advance reservation allows you to avoid last-minute hassles such as full parking lots or distant spots. Apart from the assurance of having a spot, Blue Valet service also promises significant time savings. No need to search for a spot, walk long distances with your luggage, or take a shuttle. 

You start your journey with peace of mind, knowing that your car is in good hands. So, for your next trip, think simplicity, efficiency, and peace of mind. Think about booking your parking spot in advance with Blue Valet.

valet and customer at the airport

Blue Valet: the quick and efficient parking solution!

Who hasn't felt that sense of urgency when going to the airport, dreading the time wasted searching for a parking spot, and then waiting for a crowded shuttle to reach the terminal? 

The "drop-off minute" principle of Blue Valet provides a suitable answer to this need for speed and efficiency. By opting for this option, you benefit from a service that completely eliminates waiting and unnecessary travel. No need to calculate extra time to park your vehicle or wait for a shuttle. Upon your arrival at the drop-off point, a valet takes care of your vehicle, allowing you to immediately proceed to check-in.


The airport parking layout in Bordeaux

valet at the airport

The airport parking layout in Bordeaux

map of the parkings

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