How to prepare the trip of your dreams: tips and tricks

Published on 25 mai 2023

Voyage de reve

To offer you an unforgettable trip, whether alone, as a couple, with friends or with family, it is best to prepare your project carefully. This phase is all the more crucial as it will condition the success of your stay. Here are some recommendations for a successful trip from start to finish.



1. Evaluate your budget 💸

Gérer son budget

This is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in your travel project: your budget. To control your budget and avoid unpleasant surprises, do not hesitate to gather all the information related to the country or region you have identified for your stay. This analysis must take into account food, lodging, transportation and activities on site.

2. Le choix de la destination 📍

Choisir sa destination

Once you have estimated the budget you can spend on your dream trip, you can then make a list of destinations that meet your expectations. Be realistic and do not choose places that require a budget that is out of your reach. Another criterion to take into account when choosing your destination is your availability. Indeed, if you only wish to leave for a few days, it is useless to consider stays requiring long hours of transportation, whether by plane, train or car.

Finally, if your preference is for countries that are out of the ordinary, be sure to find out about the climatic, political and cultural conditions of the place. These conditions will allow you to easily identify the destination of your dreams and there is no shortage of heavenly places around the world.

3. Prepare rigorously the administrative formalities 📄

Formalité adminitrative

Regardless of the destination you have chosen, you must prepare all the administrative procedures related to your trip. You will notice that these can vary greatly from one country to another and it is therefore advisable to be very vigilant in your preparation.

Nevertheless, regardless of the country you wish to visit, there are certain formalities that are identical throughout the world. These include a valid passport, an insurance policy that guarantees coverage of any medical expenses you may incur while abroad, and a vaccination card that certifies that you have received all the mandatory vaccinations in the country in question.

4. Organize your stay and your itinerary 📍


Planning the itinerary and the different activities of your dream trip will allow you to save precious time once you are there. And in order to compose a trip of an extreme richness and embellished with the best visits and animations to realize on the spot, do not hesitate to look for all the useful data on Internet or to approach travel agencies. You will gather a multitude of elements that will allow you to create a tailor-made agenda.

In the composition of your schedule, take into account the weather as well as the duration of the activities you plan to do. Thanks to all the tools you have at your disposal to organize your trip, you really have the possibility to identify the best places to go and all the places that are worth visiting.

5. Book your tickets and accommodation 🎟

Billet d'avion

Once you have chosen the destination of your dreams and the dates of your stay, you can proceed with the reservation of your transportation and accommodation. In order to take advantage of the most attractive rates, it is strongly recommended that you purchase your plane or train tickets at least six months in advance. In addition to saving you a lot of money, this approach will give you peace of mind as the day of departure approaches.

6. Blue Valet: your valet parking solution for airports and train stations 🚙


If you have to take the plane or the train to go to your dream destination, consider the solution proposed by Blue Valet. This innovative service will allow you to travel with peace of mind and save money at the same time. To benefit from it, nothing is easier. Just go to the company's website and make your reservation. The procedure will take you no more than five minutes. Once you arrive on the day of your departure, all you have to do is entrust your vehicle to a dedicated valet at the drop-off point of your airport or station of departure. Upon your return, you will only need to pick up your vehicle at the same location.

Blue Valet's valet service is available 7 days a week and from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will certainly appreciate this solution which is much more economical and practical than a traditional parking.


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