Traveling Alone: Tips for Women Travelers

Published on 1 mai 2023


Nowadays, more and more women want to travel solo. The reasons are numerous. Some women need to take time for themselves, others simply want to visit new regions. Are you one of these women who want to travel alone and would like some tips? In that case, discover all our tips to help you have a good trip.

1. Research the destination before leaving 📍

First and foremost, research the destination that interests you before leaving. In some regions, it can be very dangerous for a woman to travel alone. There are cities and countries to avoid. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult blogs or forums of women who have already traveled alone to the destinations that interest you. This will allow you to form a more precise opinion and, above all, you will be able to more easily organize your trip.

2. Prefer outings only during the day 🌤

Even if you are a strong woman and nothing scares you, it is still advisable to avoid going out alone at night. On the day of departure, try to arrive at your vacation spot in the middle of the day. And during your stay, plan your outings during the day and at night, stay in your hotel. It is not mandatory, but in some places, it can be dangerous for a woman to go out alone at night. If, despite everything, you still want to go out, do so in crowded places.

3. Avoid wearing too flashy jewelry 💍

This advice applies to both men and women. However, a woman who travels alone and who wears jewelry or valuables will inevitably attract malicious people. So, to avoid thefts and assaults, hide your jewelry under your clothes and leave your valuables inside your purse or backpack. In some cities, tourists are easy prey for thieves and when these tourists are women alone, it attracts even more thieves.

4. Stay in touch with your loved ones 👥

Before traveling alone, let your loved ones know about your intention to travel solo and give them your itinerary. Thus, in case of a problem, your loved ones can more easily find your trace. Similarly, throughout your stay, stay in touch with your entourage by regularly calling them. It is reassuring for your loved ones, as well as for you. For example, give your loved ones a fixed time telephone appointment every day. In this way, if you miss a call, your loved ones will know that you have a problem.

5. Consider taking out travel insurance 💬

This is a detail that you probably haven't thought of, but taking out travel insurance when traveling alone should not be overlooked. Indeed, in the event that you become ill or have an accident during your stay, health expenses can be particularly high depending on the country you are in during your trip. But with travel insurance, these expenses can be covered by insurance. If you have booked your stay with a travel agency, they will most likely offer you to take out travel insurance. If not, make the request in order to be able to leave with peace of mind.

6. Simplify your trip with Blue Valet 🚙


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Station and airport parking lots are very expensive and if you park in the surrounding areas, it will certainly be free, but your car cannot be monitored.

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