What are the car park prices at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport?

Choose a budget car park or a car park close to the terminals at Roissy airport to suit your needs! Choosing a nearby car park can sometimes be a real challenge. Discover the most attractive rates at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport!

Find out about car park prices at Roissy CDG airport

To travel with peace of mind, it's essential to plan your journey before you leave. Selecting the right car park at Roissy airport can sometimes be a real challenge! The question is: where can you park your car at Roissy CDG airport? 

Remember to compare the different offers and book your parking space in advance to benefit from advantageous rates at Paris CDG airport. Whether you're departing from Terminal 1, Terminal 2A or Terminal 3, you're sure to find the car park that meets your needs.

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Official car parks at Roissy airport?

Roissy CDG airport is a very busy airport in France, with millions of passengers every year. It has a number of car parks to suit all parking needs, from long-stay to short-stay, from covered to open-air parking, from budget car parks to valet parking. The choice is yours.

There are several short-term car parks at Roissy CDG airport. The PAB Premium car park, for example, is ideally located just 2 minutes' walk from Terminal 2A. As for the PAB covered car park, although it is slightly further away than the PAB Premium, it is only a 4-minute walk and benefits from 24-hour surveillance.

For longer trips, two car parks stand out: the PR ECO car park and the PX ECO car park. Both are outdoor car parks. The PX ECO car park is 15 minutes away by shuttle bus, while the PR ECO car park is just 8 minutes away by shuttle bus. They are ideal for longer trips thanks to their very competitive rates.

What are the car park charges at Roissy airport?

Short-term parking (3 days)*


Long-term parking (7 days)*

PARKING P1 123 €

* Prices are indicative and subject to change, according to the Roissy CDG airport website.

For a practical and affordable service: Blue Valet!

The strength of Blue Valet? A valet parking service at very affordable prices! Choosing Blue Valet means choosing a car park near Roissy CDG airport with the best value for money. You'll have a secure place to park your car, with direct access to your terminal's drop-off point. No need for a transfer or shuttle to get to your plane. If you are a PRM (person with reduced mobility), this parking solution at Paris-Charles de Gaulles is for you.

Going away for the weekend? Our rates are around €65 on average for a weekend. The little extra? Book in advance and take advantage of regular parking promotions near Roissy airport. 

Take advantage of Blue Valet's short-term car parks at Roissy airport

At Blue Valet, our priority is to offer you a quality service while ensuring that our prices are competitive. If you're thinking of using our short-term parking service, you're probably wondering how much it will cost.

For a 3-day stay, the average rate is €70. What's more, our prices vary according to how far in advance you book, so you'll get a better deal if you book in advance.

3 days trip
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Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.
5 days trip
price comparison
Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.

Take advantage of Blue Valet long-term parking at Roissy CDG airport

For a hassle-free journey, we recommend our Blue Valet private car park at Roissy. This solution gives you maximum peace of mind close to Roissy CDG airport.

At Blue Valet, we offer rates from €11 per day, depending on the length of your stay. How do we work out these rates? They are specially designed for long-term reservations and can be adjusted according to your point of departure and the date of your reservation.

For a week's parking, you can expect an average cost of €119. And don't forget that by booking your car park in advance you can take advantage of cheaper rates than if you booked at the last minute. Something unexpected come up? Don't worry, you can simply add extra guarding days.

What are the rates for additional services with Blue Valet?

At Blue Valet, we're committed to your satisfaction. In addition to your parking space at Roissy CDG airport, we offer a range of additional services: a full ecological car wash, interior cleaning, recharging of your electric vehicle and adjustment of your windscreen washer fluid. And that's not all: we also offer you the option of parking your car in a covered car park secured by our staff.

Ecological full wash 

For less than €100, give your vehicle a complete wash, inside and out. How does it work?

On the inside, we give the passenger compartment and boot a thorough cleaning, remove all traces of dirt from the plastics, polish the windows and apply a protective balm. Not forgetting an anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment for lasting freshness.

Outside, your car will benefit from a pre-cleaning, an ecological hand wash without the use of water, meticulous polishing of the bodywork, polishing of the windows, cleaning of the rims and a brilliant finish on the tyres and plastic parts.

Covered parking 

Covered parking provides perfect cover for your vehicle in the event of bad weather, so you can get your car back in perfect condition. Choose a covered car park for your family or business trips. 

Booking couldn't be easier!

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Reserving a Blue Valet parking space is easy! All you have to do is go to our mobile application or directly online on our website. Indicate your departure airport "Roissy CDG" as well as your departure and return dates. 

If you would like to take advantage of additional services, such as car cleaning or electric recharging, don't hesitate to select them at this stage. Next, please provide your contact details and the characteristics of your vehicle to ensure optimum pick-up.

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