Long-term parking at Nice airport

Planning a trip requires meticulous attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the logistical aspects. A common concern for many travellers is parking their vehicle while they're away. Choosing a safe and cost-effective car park is essential to ensuring peace of mind during your trip. If your departure is scheduled from Nice airport, long-term parking is something to consider carefully. Discover long-term parking at Nice airport ! 

When you're away on business or on a family getaway, the safety of your vehicle is paramount. Nice airport has designed its long-term car park to meet this need. Whether you're away for the weekend or on the other side of the world, your car will be under close surveillance. The hassle of parking at Nice airport is now a thing of the past ! 

In response to the growing demand for parking solutions near Nice airport, a number of private car parks have sprung up, offering a diverse range of services to enhance your travel experience. Among them, Blue Valet stands out. A leader in valet parking, we offer a hassle-free parking solution, whether you're away for a few days or an extended period. Leave your vehicle in our hands and embark with complete peace of mind !

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The advantages of long-term parking at Nice airport

Why choose long-term parking at Nice airport ? The long-term parking service at Nice airport is designed to suit different traveller profiles. Whether you're a professional on an extended assignment or visiting friends or family on the other side of the world, this solution is ideal for optimising your costs.

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What is the difference between long-term and short-term parking at Nice airport ?

Long-term parking is designed for prolonged parking, offering a more attractive daily rate. Nice airport is one of the biggest in France. As a result, finding your way around can be complex. Before you leave, make sure you know whether you are departing from Nice airport's long-term car park for terminal 1 or terminal 2. This will avoid wasting unnecessary time. 

Conversely, short-term parking, which is more expensive on a daily basis, is designed for short stays. It is very close to the terminals, making it easy to get around quickly. Long-term car parks, on the other hand, are generally located at a greater distance from the terminals, often requiring the use of a shuttle bus or, for greater convenience, a valet service. The choice between these two options depends on how long you plan to be away and your budget.

Reasons to choose Blue Valet's long-term parking service in Nice

Although Nice airport offers a variety of parking options, are you aware that there are also attractive alternatives close to the airport for parking your vehicle ? 

Finding a parking space at Nice airport can be difficult. Parking your vehicle can quickly become complicated. We offer a private parking service close to Nice-Côte d'Azur airport. 

So you can leave with complete peace of mind, your vehicle is taken care of by our valet team and parked in our private, secure car park right next to Nice-Côte d'Azur airport. 

Don't worry about the hassle of leaving on holiday, Blue Valet will take care of it for you !

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Guaranteed security while you're away

Long-term airport car parks often have the reputation of housing a multitude of vehicles, a perception that sometimes does them a disservice in terms of their level of security. 

With Blue Valet, choosing our service for your parking needs means much more than simply reserving a space. We are dedicated to providing you with parking spaces that are under constant surveillance and highly secure. Ensuring optimum protection for your car while you're away is at the heart of what we do.


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Blue Valet: your ally for your long trips

By choosing Blue Valet, you are opting for an alternative to Nice airport car parks, which are often very expensive and far from the entrance hall. 

We offer you a simple parking solution that's up to 30% cheaper than a conventional car park. Parking your vehicle has never been easier !

Reduced rates

At Blue Valet, our rates include valet parking and surveillance of your vehicle for the duration of your stay. Run a price simulation to anticipate costs, ensuring total transparency.


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A parking service in just 3 steps

1) Book your valet parking in advance or up to 4 hours before your departure on our website or on our app (iOS & Android). All you have to do is follow the easy-to-use instructions on our website! 

2) Entrust us with your vehicle and enjoy a quality service! Your dedicated valet will park your car in one of our private car parks in Nice. 

3) Pick up: your vehicle at a single meeting point, on both the outward and return journeys, close to the airport concourse. Your valet has real-time information about your flight (arrival and departure times, any delays, etc.) to Nice-Côte d'Azur.

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