Parking solutions at Marseille Airport

The Marseille-Provence Airport, situated in Marignane, was inaugurated in 1922 and has expanded over the years, including the addition of a low-cost carrier terminal in 2006. In 2019, it hosted 10 million passengers, though this figure fell during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With nearly 9.15 million passengers in 2022, it holds the position of the fifth busiest airport in France. Marseille Airport serves over 131 destinations across Europe, North Africa, Canada, and the Indian Ocean, operated by 34 airlines. For those driving to Marseille Airport, securing the right parking is essential. Despite the cost benefits of public transport, comfort can sometimes be lacking.

So, what are the parking options at Marseille Airport?


What are the official parking lots at Marseille airport?

For a hassle-free journey, consider choosing from the multiple parking options available at Marseille-Provence Airport. Rates vary depending on the distance of the car parks from the terminals. Explore all the parking options at Marseille Airport.

P1 Parking

P1 parking is a premium option. It ensures optimal security for your vehicle with its covered structure. It is located just a 1-minute walk from Terminal 1, Hall A. For those departing from Terminal 2, a 5-minute walk is required.

P3 Parking

P3 parking is an economical option, situated a short distance from the various terminals. However, unlike P1 parking, it is not covered. For enhanced security, P1 is the recommended choice.

Super ECO Parking

The "Super ECO" parking, formerly known as "cheque parking," is the most affordable option at Marseille Airport. A pedestrian path connects this car park to the terminals in 8 to 13 minutes.

P7 Parking

P7 parking, located directly opposite Terminal 1, is among the most economical options at Marseille Airport and is the closest to the various terminals. Note that parking duration is limited to 30 days.

P8 ECO Parking

P8 ECO parking is a brand new parking service at Marseille Airport. It often comes with advantageous promotions. The maximum parking duration is 30 days, and it is imperative to book this parking online.

What are the closest parking lots to Marseille airport?

When you are traveling from Marseille airport, it is important to choose a car park located near your departure terminal. You have several options at your disposal, whether it's a covered or outdoor car park. It is important to select the best car park offer for your journey from Marseille airport.

If you are looking for a car park close to the terminals, car park P1 is located right in front of terminal 1. This is a covered car park, offering protection against bad weather. However, if you prefer an outdoor car park, 3 other car parks are available at the airport.

For added comfort, you can opt for the Blue Valet valet service. Choosing a covered car park guarantees you maximum protection for your vehicle.

What are the farthest parking lots at Marseille airport?

When choosing a car park at the airport, proximity to the terminal is an important aspect to consider. Opting for a more distant car park can often lead to significant savings. Generally, these car parks are outdoor, which makes them more economical in terms of rates.

To compensate for their distance, most of these car parks offer a shuttle service. These shuttles provide a constant connection between the car park and the airport terminals. This solution allows you to quickly reach your terminal without having to walk long distances with your luggage. Moreover, it is common for the cost of this shuttle service to be included in the parking fee, thus ensuring a convenient and worry-free transfer.

If you are looking for an economical parking option and are willing to use a shuttle or walk, car parks located away from the terminals are an excellent choice to consider, especially for long-term stays!

covered parking

Do you know about the Blue Valet private parking service in Marseille?

Are you familiar with our private parking service, Blue Valet, in Marseille?

We offer you a high-end and convenient parking experience at Marseille airport. We take care of your vehicle as soon as you arrive, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Our valet service allows you to save precious time, as our valet picks up your vehicle directly from your departure terminal and parks it safely in our private car park.

Upon your return, your vehicle is returned to you at the terminal, thus saving you the stress of parking and the hassle of transferring between the car park and the airport. With Blue Valet, enjoy hassle-free parking at Marseille airport!


Remember to reserve your parking spot in advance.

With Blue Valet, by planning your parking space in advance, you ensure a smooth and stress-free parking experience. Upon your arrival at the airport, a Blue Valet attendant greets you, takes charge of your vehicle, and parks it securely in our private and secure car park.

Thanks to this early booking, you avoid last-minute inconveniences such as full car parks or distant spots. In addition to the guarantee of having a parking space, the Blue Valet service offers you a considerable advantage in terms of time.

You no longer have to desperately search for a spot, walk long distances with your luggage, or wait for a shuttle. You can start your journey with peace of mind. So, for your next trip, opt for simplicity, efficiency, and tranquility. Remember to reserve your parking space in advance with Blue Valet.

valet and customer at the airport

Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the bottom of your terminal

How many of us have felt that pressure when heading to the airport, worrying about the long hunt for a parking spot and the endless wait for an overcrowded shuttle to the terminal?

With Blue Valet, the hassle is over! Blue Valet is the ideal solution to these concerns, offering speed and efficiency. By choosing our service, say goodbye to long waits and unnecessary journeys. No more need to plan extra time for parking or deal with the unpredictability of shuttles.

Upon your arrival at the terminal, a dedicated valet takes care of your vehicle, and all you have to do is head straight to your boarding gate.


The parking map at Marseille Airport

valet at the airport

Discover the parking map at Marseille airport

map of the parkings

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