Long-term parking at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport

Planning a trip can be a worry, especially when it comes to securing reliable parking for your vehicle. We're all familiar with that little stress that precedes departure! But here's the good news: Lyon airport offers a wide range of parking options, including a long-term parking service. Designed specifically for you, it ensures the safety of your vehicle throughout your journey.

When you leave for work or on vacation, you want to be sure that your car is secure. At Lyon airport, their long-term parking lot has everything covered. While you travel, your car is well looked after. No need to worry about parking your car at Lyon airport! Beyond the parking options offered directly by Lyon airport, several private parking lots are located nearby, each offering benefits and services to facilitate your experience. Blue Valet is a striking example! A pioneer in valet parking, we make your parking experience seamless, whether your trip lasts a weekend or spans weeks. Entrust us with your vehicle and leave with peace of mind.


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The advantages of long-term parking at Lyon airport

Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport is one of France's major airports. If you're planning to travel to or from this airport and need to park your vehicle for an extended period, it may be wise to consider long-term parking at Lyon airport.


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Short-term or long-term parking: how to choose ?

If you're making a quick stopover, just to drop off a friend or for an express stopover, opt for short-term parking. Convenient, fast and right next to the terminals ! 

If you're going to be away for several days or weeks, long-term parking is your best bet. Not only is it gentler on the wallet over the long term, but some options even offer to pamper your vehicle while you're away. But don't be fooled : it can also have its share of constraints. The distance between the parking lot and the terminals can be a real headache. Of course, free shuttles are available, but this adds extra travel time and logistics to manage. Not exactly ideal when you want to travel light. 

When it comes to flexibility, long-stay parking at Lyon Saint Exupéry airport often gives you more freedom to extend your parking time.

Why choose Blue Valet long-term parking in Lyon ?

Lyon airport offers several parking solutions, but did you know that other alternatives, close to the airport, can also offer parking at competitive rates ? 

During rush hour at Lyon airport, it's often difficult to find an available parking space. That's why Blue Valet offers a reliable and efficient solution: no more searching for a space hundreds of meters from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport! Your valet takes care of collecting your vehicle close to the terminal. 

And what about security? Whatever you choose, your vehicle will be well looked after. Blue Valet has large parking spaces close to Lyon airport, arranged so that each vehicle can be parked in a secure space adapted to its size !

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Guaranteed protection on the move

Long-term airport parking lots are often notorious for accommodating large numbers of vehicles, and are often wrongly judged on their security. When you choose Blue Valet for your long-term travels, we don't just offer you a parking space. We're committed to providing you with constantly monitored and secure parking facilities. Our priority is to ensure that your vehicle is perfectly safe while you're away.

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Blue Valet: long-term parking

Save time by choosing Blue Valet, a valet parking service with long-term parking near Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. Our values at Blue Valet ? Transparency, responsiveness and time savings. Enjoy quality service at affordable prices! Our valets adapt to your every need !

Save money on your travels

At Blue Valet, we offer rates that include valet parking, as well as the safekeeping of your vehicle for the duration of your stay. Take advantage of our price simulation to find out the cost of our services in advance, with no surprises for your wallet. The price of our services includes the cost of parking your vehicle in one of our parking lots in Lyon, the services of your chauffeur in Lyon, and the insurance of your car for the duration of its parking by one of our partners GAN.


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A parking solution in just 3 steps

1) Book: your dedicated valet in just a few minutes, from the iOS & Android app or directly on our website !

2) Entrust us with: your vehicle, your valet will park your car in our private parking lot near Lyon. Leave with complete peace of mind ! 

3) Pick up : your car near the Lyon airport entrance hall! We're here to simplify your arrival and departure, and your dedicated valet will be waiting for you at the original location where you left your car. Whatever you need, Blue Valet will take care of it!

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