Private Parking vs Airport Parking: Where to Park Your Car to Save Money?

Published on 3 mai 2023

Are you soon going on a trip? In that case, you have probably already chosen the destination, found accommodation, and learned about the different visits and activities to do once there. But have you thought about where you will park your car during your entire stay? It is a detail that few people really think about. However, it is very important to know where your car will be during your trip. Discover all our tips without delay.

1. Airport parking, secure but expensive💰

If you plan to take a plane for your trip, you probably think that all you have to do is park your car in one of the airport parking lots. In a way, it makes sense. But have you looked into the prices? Airport parking lots are interesting because they offer security. Indeed, most of the time, they are monitored parking lots and your car is therefore safe. The problem is that if you plan to go on a trip for several days, even a week or two, the parking prices explode. If you choose this option, plan a fairly significant budget and make a reservation on the dedicated website because nothing assures you that you will find a free spot on the day of your departure.

2. Street parking, an economical solution but unreliable 🛩

If you want to save money, you can simply park on a parking space on a street near the airport. Some are paid, others free, which will be much more economical than airport parking. On the other hand, there is no surveillance on these parking spaces. Therefore, your car will not be safe at all for several days. Especially since some parking spaces are limited in time. So, upon your return, maybe your car will have been towed! It is therefore not the best solution for you, especially if you want to leave with peace of mind and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your car.

3. Public transport, a false good idea 🚎

Some people say that to not pay for parking, all you have to do is go to the airport using public transport. However, this is a false good idea. Imagine yourself with your partner, your two or three children, and the suitcases for the whole family. How do you want to get on a bus or subway with all your luggage? So, certainly, you will be able to save money on the parking price, but going to the airport by public transport is really very complicated. Especially since upon your return from vacation, you will surely be very tired and you will not want to ride the bus or subway with all your belongings. That's why taking public transport to get to the airport is not really a good idea, even if it allows you to avoid paying for parking.

4. Blue Valet, your best option 🚙

Do you want to know the best way to save money on parking while putting your car in safety? If you are asking yourself this question, it is because you do not know Blue Valet. We offer an effective way to shelter your car for the entire duration of your trip, but at a lower cost. Our mode of operation is particularly simple. First, go to our website to reserve our service. During your reservation, note the dates of your departure and arrival, as well as the airport where you will take off.

When the day of your trip arrives, go directly to the airport by car and head to the drop-off area. This is where your valet will patiently wait for you. Give him the keys to your vehicle and board the plane. Enjoy your vacation without fear for your car since it will be under our complete surveillance. When your vacation is over and you come out of the plane, simply go back to the drop-off area to find your valet with your car.

The service we offer is truly innovative. So if you don't want to ruin yourself by paying for airport parking, call Blue Valet instead, you won't regret it.

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