Parking P5 at Lyon Airport: details, rates & instructions

Published on 3 octobre 2023

Parking P5 à l'aéroport de Lyon

Getting to the airport is often synonymous with stress. Between luggage, the fear of missing your flight and parking, there's plenty to keep you on your toes. Fortunately, Lyon airport has thought of everything to make your life easier, notably with Parking P5. In this comprehensive guide, you'll find out everything you need to know about this parking lot, which could well become your best ally for your future travels.



1. Introducing Parking P5 at Lyon airport 🛩


Nestled in the heart of Lyon airport, Parking P5 is a parking lot that adapts to the needs of all travelers. Designed to optimize your experience, it stands out for its ease of access, large capacity and strategic location close to the terminals. Whether you're off for a weekend getaway or a multi-day business trip, P5 will meet your needs.

2. Advantages of Parking P5 over other parking lots 🚘

Parking de l'aéroport de Lyon

- Terminal proximity: Forget endless shuttles or long walks with your luggage. With the P5, you're just minutes from your terminal.

- Security: Sleep soundly! The P5 is equipped with high-performance surveillance cameras and 24/7 staff. Your vehicle is in safe hands.

- Flexibility: Something came up and you didn't make a reservation? No problem! Parking P5 lets you come without a reservation, while guaranteeing a space.


3. Detailed pricing for Parking P5 💰


The P5 is not only practical, but also economical. Rates are designed to offer the best value for money. For 3-day parking, the cost is 51 euros. For 5 days, the rate rises slightly to 54 euros. For longer stays, sliding-scale rates are available, with special offers for a week or more.


4. Instructions: How to reserve and access Parking P5? 🤔

Mode d'emploi

Online booking: An intuitive interface on the official website lets you select your dates, choose your location and pay in total security. Once the transaction is complete, you'll receive confirmation with a QR code to scan at the entrance.

On site: If you're the spontaneous type, automatic pay stations await you at the parking lot entrance for quick payment.

Access: Simply follow the illuminated signs at the airport, which will guide you to the P5 entrance. Once inside, clear signs will help you find your parking space.


5. Practical tips for a hassle-free parking experience 💡

Mode d'emploi

To guarantee your place, book online during school vacations and public holidays.

Always keep a copy of your reservation. Although the system is reliable, it's best to be prepared for any eventuality.

To avoid having to search for your car for hours on your return, take a photo of your location or write it down in your phone.


6. User testimonials 🗣

Témoignages des utilisateurs

"Parking very well located and easy to access. We use it every time. The shuttle bus runs very regularly between the terminals and the parking lot." - Jacques R.

"Very good parking lot with a large number of parking spaces. A free shuttle bus is available to take us back to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, passing every 10 - 15 minutes or so." - Damien M.

Parking P5 at Lyon Airport clearly stands out as the ideal option for all your parking needs. Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple or with your family, it will offer you a quality experience, combining practicality, security and savings. So next time you're traveling, why not give the P5 a try?


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Lyon airport

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