Long weekend, where to go in May?

Published on 17 janvier 2023
Le printemps
The month of May is undoubtedly the favorite month for many French people thanks to the arrival of spring as well as the numerous holidays it offers. As such, it is the ideal time to enjoy an extended weekend in France or abroad, for two or with the family. Here is a selection of destinations to seriously consider for this period.

1. Where to go in May? 🌸

Although temperatures are still cold, the weather has returned to the northern hemisphere. Travel to the Maghreb and Mediterranean countries is recommended in May.

1.1. London 🇬🇧

The English capital is certainly one of the first trips to consider for an extended weekend in May. It is a very lively city with many vibrant neighborhoods such as Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, and Camden. And what about the many activities that can be done during a long weekend? Whether it's a visit to The Sharp, Big Ben, the Ferris wheel at the London Eye, or the Changing of the Guard show, it's sure to be a busy weekend.


1.2. Corsica 🇫🇷

Overwhelmed by travelers during the summer, the famous island of beauty lends itself particularly well to a getaway during May. Of course, the destination offers so many treasures that it is impossible to do it all in one weekend and it is better to make the right choices.

For example, the south of the island and the magnificent city of Bonifacio must be included in the program. The visitor will be able to appreciate the local gastronomy as well as the absolutely sublime beaches nearby.

La Corse

1.3. Lisbon 🇵🇹

Another capital city that is ideal for an extended weekend in May: is Lisbon. The city offers a total change of scenery and will delight visitors looking for a warm and friendly atmosphere. Don't hesitate to visit the famous Alfama district as well as the other touristic areas of the Portuguese city: Belem, Barro Alto, and Baixa. And to top it all off, you absolutely must take a little cruise on the Tagus River at the end of the day and at sunset.

Of course, a weekend in Lisbon would be incomplete without tasting its generous and tasty cuisine based on cod and octopus among others.


1.4. Milan 🇮🇹

Another perfect destination for a May getaway: is Milan. The famous Italian city offers a multitude of activities to its visitors and guarantees a total change of scenery. With a rich artistic heritage, the destination is also a shopping mecca and it will be possible to shop in the most luxurious boutiques.

Milan is so full of places to explore that it is highly recommended to take the Milan City Pass which offers various discounts and free entrance to various must-see sites in the city.

And for those who wish to visit the surrounding area and its immense beauty, the lake district is a must and is only an hour's drive from Milan. The Borromean Islands and Lake Maggiore are also well worth a visit.


1.5. Prague 🇨🇿

Located in the heart of Europe and the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is certainly one of the most magical destinations to discover in May. Possessing a lyrical and bohemian atmosphere that is absolutely fascinating, the city will leave the traveler with unforgettable memories. Once there, a walk through Old Prague is a must.

In addition to the famous local gastronomy, including the famous Trdelniks, the stay should include a visit to the mythical Prague Castle which should take several hours of pure magic to explore.


1.6. Venise 🇮🇹

If there is a romantic destination par excellence, it is Venice, the Serenissima. Four days of bridges during the month of May will not be too much for a couple to get away. The list of sites to visit in Venice is long and their selection will be difficult. Of course, San Marco square and its famous Doge's Palace must be included in the program.

Among the activities not to be missed, there is of course a gondola ride. Close to Venice and accessible by boat, the islands of Burano and Murano are true havens of peace for travelers and will inevitably seduce them thanks to their authenticity.

Visite de Venise

1.7. The Tuscany 🇮🇹

Let's finish these suggestions of destinations for the weekends of May with Tuscany. A true kingdom of Dolce Vita, this trip idea will delight visitors with its many architectural gems such as Pisa, Florence, and Siena.

The bridges will also be a unique opportunity to explore the Chianti region and enjoy tasty wine tasting. 

La toscane

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