How do private parkings work?

Published on 2 mai 2023

parking de l'aéroport

For many years, airports and large cities have seen a proliferation of private parking offers. This is necessary in order to meet an ever-increasing demand. But do you really know how these parking spaces work?

1. Advantageous pricing 💰

If private parkings are so successful, it is thanks to their advantageous pricing. The reservation of this type of parking near an airport is possible for an average price of 35 €. In addition, you benefit from the included shuttle. The offer is even more interesting when you travel with several people, because you use your personal vehicle to go to the airport. Then, you park it in a secure location with unbeatable pricing.

In the price of your reservation, you have both the parking service, but also the transfer of all passengers. No need to travel on public transport or be stressed to find a place in a private parking, the solution exists and it is advantageous.

2. Enjoy the flexibility of schedules ⏰

When leaving for a business trip or personal vacation, stress is often present at the time of departure. Indeed, you don't want to arrive late, as you risk missing your flight. You plan to park your vehicle in a public parking lot, but how can you be sure that there will be space?

Your concerns will be swept aside by choosing the option of a private parking. They are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. No need to book your flight based on parking spot availability. You arrive at any time and benefit from total support.

3. The presence of shuttle 🚎

By choosing a long-term parking, you use shuttles that operate on demand only. Therefore, there is no fixed schedule and you are directly dependent on the rotations according to the flow. Thus, the time savings remain directly palpable, no need to wait in specific and often crowded places.

You also do not need to cross the parking lot when methodological conditions are difficult, with your children and your luggage. At the entrance of the parking, the shuttle awaits you and your concerns are lessened, as the driver takes care of the check-in and loading of your luggage. Let yourself be driven to the airport, without any worries. You will find exactly the same service upon your return from vacation.

4. Omnipresent security 💯

A private parking has the advantage of being completely secure, as the place is equipped with video surveillance. Despite continuous hours, the presence of the driver remains reassuring at any time of the day. Even if you come back late in the middle of the night, you are not alone in the parking areas. No stress either at the idea of being late, because all arrangements are made 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

5. Discover personalized service 😎

From the start, you benefit from additional services, particularly appreciated. For example, the driver offers to help you carry your luggage. If you need a child seat, the driver will also take the time to set it up.

Among the other services, an express vehicle maintenance and level checking. If you need to pass the technical inspection, it is another possibility, but it is important to specify it from the start. In your daily life, this is an appreciable management, because you save a lot of time.

If you didn't have time to clean the interior or exterior of your car, private parking services can take care of this maintenance work. When you come back from the airport, you will appreciate seeing the cleanliness of your car.

In addition, the transport of golf bags, strollers, or surfboards will not be a problem, because shuttles are specifically designed for this type of transport.

6. What are you waiting for to try the Blue Valet service? 🚙

Rather than leaving with a heavy heart at the airport or wasting time in public parking lots, turn to a turnkey service. You take your personal vehicle and a valet awaits you at the drop-off point. You give him the keys and the professional will park your car in a secure location. Upon your return, he will be waiting for you exactly in the same place.

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