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Experience a new way to park at Nantes station: convenient and affordable

You are planning to travel from Nantes train station but you don't know where to park your car during your trip? Blue Valet brings you the best solution thanks to our team of welcoming valets. Stop wasting time looking for a parking spot around Nantes train station, our valets will do it for you. A luxury service for a very affordable price!

Reach the train station rapidly, without wasting time

Thanks to our meet-and-greet parking service at Nantes train station, stop wasting time looking for a parking space. Your valer will handle it for you. We assume that park queues, transfer buses and taxi waiting are always a source of stress. This is why we offer an innovative parking solution to make you start your holidays in the best possible conditions. 

Where do I have to meet my valet? 

Drive straight to the station and meet your valet at the "Gare Sud 2" drop-off point located : 2 Quai de Malakoff, 44000 Nantes. To get there, follow the signs "Dépose-minute" and "P limité 1H". Then, entrust your car keys to your chauffeur and make your way to check-in while he drives your vehicule in one of our private and secured parking.
On your return, once off the train, meet the valet at the same place by following the signs "Gare Sud" within the station, then get your car ready to make your way back home. 

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Benefit from a good price-quality ratio service to park your car in train stations

Take all the advantages of a valet for an affordable price! With Blue Valet, enjoy a luxury service spending less money than with a regular parking. The price includes the parking, the meet-and-greet provider and the fully comprehensive insurance.

  2 days 5 days 10 days
Blue Valet price 45€ 85€ 110€

Opt for additional options among our wide range of maintenance services

While your car is parked in our secured and private parking, you can choose additionnal maintenance options such as internal or external washing, tire pressure... You can also take a cancellation insurance (from 3€ to 9€) which guarantees a full reimbursement In case of an unforeseen event.

Did you know? 

Blue Valet also takes place at Nantes Atlantique airport!

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